finishing Rod 1775 my 75th rod

Today i put the final touches on my 75th rod, and i really would like to keep it! well you cant keep them all but this one came out just super special. rather than doing it up with Java wraps i chose to wrap it in Black silk with a fine three wraps of blue for tipping. its really special to look at and cast. Nice smooth semi parabolic feel great for fishing on some of the higher up streams in the Sierras or Cascades. Tomorrow it will be off to Lost Coast Outfitters in San Francisco for sale. If your interested in checking the rod out let myself or George at the shop know and you can swing by and see it for real. While the epoxy was drying after pressing the real set on, I began the next rod, an all time favorite, a blonde Peerless 8 foot 5line 2 tip 2 piece rod.