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Phantom "Traveller" 4wt 7'6" 4/2 SOLD please call to order


Phantom series rods 

Traditional Catskill elegance from the golden age of American rod building combined with a contemporary semi parabolic rod actions inspired by east coast rod makers Cattanach and Dickerson hybridize into a smooth and accurate casting tool, with a reserve of power waiting to be used by the anglier for all trout fishing environments. This rod design is a great rod for angliers who want to split their time fishing between graphite and split cane rods or who are new to casting a split cane fly rod.

The Phantom series rods are a perfect companion for any local Sierra Nevada river or creek.  At 7’6”, this split cane rod is able to roll cast, curve cast, set hooks with authority and turn fiesty trout. Delivering a dry fly effortlessly and accurately in tight situations it excels. I personally fish this rod taper on many streams and lake of the High Sierra year round with great success. 

I hand make these rods in a range of lengths from 6’6” to 8’1’, currently all are 2 or 4 piece models and are all solid built. The rods are finished with spar varnish and then hand rubbed by the French polish method. I use Gosamar silk thread in Lt. Olive and Java that goes near transparent in the varnishing process. All the hardware is Nickel Silver. On flamed rods the hardware is all blackened.  All the guides Snake brand with a Mildrum stripping guide for durability. The Ambonia reel seats made in my shop hand turned by me.  Rod comes with two identical tips in a cotton bag and bamboo hex tube.


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this is a special order rod, please allow 2-3 months for delivery.