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Freestone Quad, Dry Fly Special, blonde, 4wt 2/2 7'6"


Freestone Quadrate

“Pure casting performance” is the only way to describe the Freestone Quadrate rods. Whether your casting October caddis to Brown trout on the McCloud river or Skwalas to Winter steelhead on the Yuba river, this four sided rod split cane rod, performs. I developed the taper for this quad, over a period of two years chasing big Salmonids with dry flies. The genesis of the rod design stemmed from my love of the Edwards Favorite and the power of the Powel B. Tweaking this blend, an equation emerged that I feel allows the rod to become a fast and deliberate extension of your arm. The rod virtually disappears. As a result of tapered-hollow building, the rod is incredibly light, dampens immediately, and it effortlessly launches 40-50 foot tight-looped casts. I'm offering these rods in two lengths 7’6” and 8’ and in three line weights: 4,5 in the Special and Deluxe in 6wt.

The Dry Fly Deluxe has the same metric as the 5wt design, but use a special ammonium-treating technique, allowing it to be lined-up one line weight heavier, while retaining crisp Alpenglow performance.

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